Say hello to Flare ZeroA four-way speaker that will rock your world.

What you are looking at is the future of sound, we can guarantee you haven’t heard anything quite like this...

Zero incorporates all of our ground breaking patented audio technology and delivers them in one knockout package of sonic perfection. A stack of circular cabinets, each containing a single driver deliver perfect sound by eliminating resonance and assymetric pressure allowing linear driver movement...minimum distortion, maximum clarity.

Just look at her... isn’t she a beauty? Looking like she’s been beamed in from outer space or dreamt up in an artist’s atelier. The form of Zero has been carefully considered and fabricated in aerospace-grade aluminium is our radical and unique 3D printed sprial vortex system, that removes rear driver energy and internally reflected interference. The results look and sound amazing.

Flare Zero, stands at 1.8m high, mounted on delicate, machined supports and is supremely elegant, appearing to float in mid air: it throws out 3.5kw of sound, the equivalent of a club audio installation, in a studio or private space. Enough to give you goosebumps isn’t it?



Zero 1”
185 mm x 156 mm

Zero 5”
276 mm x 156 mm

Zero 10”
450 mm x 156 mm

Zero 18”
805 mm x 294 mm

Amplifiers Phase linear Flare ONE 20kw RMS amplifier

Channels4 channels with time domain aligned phase linear crossovers.

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