Welcometo the revolution

Music changes all the time, genres come and go. Artists and bands rise and fall, but the way music is listened to has fundamentally stayed the same for decades. From vinyl through to MP4’s the formats have evolved but how it’s delivered to your ears hasn’t.

...Until now.

We have fundamentally re-invented the technology around how you listen. We are focused on producing minimal distortion audio of such quality and fidelity it will blow your socks off. We are challenging expectations of what can be achieved and like true revolutionaries disrupting perceptions of what your favorite tracks can sound like.

Our revolution in sound is growing...be part of it


Revolutions per minute


Hear no evil

Focus on the sounds you love - and turn down the rest.

Flare Audio’s technologies do not add colouration to the sound, focusing instead on allowing the original material to show through. As a result, the V...
The superior vocal clarity of the X0, coupled with its small size (129mm x 150mm x 78mm) and flexible bracketry allows for maximum sound design flexibility....
By combining Vortex™ and Space™ Technologies with compact size the X2A delivers the same reference quality sound for smaller installations and live...
The SB range of bass enclosures benefits from the attributes of both a sealed and ported design that eliminates pressure and port interference. It does not...
The V Series’ power belies its compact size, enabling the V Series to be used in everything from live music gigs for a variety of genres to club...
The Q Series employs Nanoflow™ driver alignment and Vortex™ technologies to produce deep and directional bass for touring, clubs and portable sound....